" Through all the years, I have never met someone who wasn't important."
—Richard Venables


Xehanort D'VenablesEdit

" To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art."
—Xehanort D'Venables
Grandadmiral Thrawn by DR Husar-590x900

Supreme Moff Xehanort D'Venables after his daemonic transformation.

During the Galactic Era of the Grand Imperial Order, the wraith Xehanort took on a new form, he joined his Emperor, the former Sith Lord, Kwagar Ocata on the planet Risa. Serving as an Imperial Navy officer in the notoriously ruthless Phoenix Legion, after the Aquereon Heresy, he rose to the prestigious rank of Moff of the Grand Imperial Order, becoming a trusted confident of the Emperor.

He was the creator and namesakes of Kwagar's ruthless Venables Policy, which inspired terror and fear into Imperial Citizens to keep them in line. 

He was also influential in the foundation of the Imperial Commissariat and Inquisition, before laying the foundations for Operation: Purge. He eventually designed the Avenger Class Super Dreadnought and brought the Imperium into a new age of prosperity....

He was promoted to the prestigious rank of Supreme Moff and began to lead the Emperor's Elite Forsworn.

That was until the invasion of the core worlds by the Zakuul Empire, Xehanort and his flagship the Retribution were ambushed and barely escaped the attack of the Eternal Fleet and Xehanort was forced to retreat into deep space, to a highly secret base. He recovered from his grievous wounds, to return several years later to find the core worlds in turmoil and fear, the Zakuul had taken over and the Grand Imperial Order had been usurped by a traitor in the ranks.

With his new flagship, the Glorious Imperitor, a large, Avenger Type II Class Dreadnought, highly advanced with undetectable warp capabilities and advanced shields. He remet with Kwagar, who had returned to the Sith Empire... and reported to the Imperial High Command unsure of the welcome he'd receive.

He was made Fleet Admiral and sent to command the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet, serving under the command of Darth Kwagar Ocata, the Strategist of the Fleet. He took command of his flagship the Glorious Imperitor and set up his main office within the Citadel Facility on Dromund Kaas. However he was unpopular with his fellow command officers and made an enemy of the Grand Moff who supervised and directed the Sixth Fleet. He eventually resigned his commission and left the Sixth Fleet, travelling to Drumond Kaas and handing in his resignation face to face.

After these events He became determined to keep the remnants of the Grand Imperial Order together and united, determined to have revenge upon the traitors. He also began extensive research into the Zakuul Empire and it's culture, art and history as well as taking his aide and wife, Zarissenna as his personal Inquisitor.

He retreated deep into the unknown regions of space. Escaping to his top secret facility known as Project X. Bringing the Forsworn and the remnants of the Grand Imperial Fleet with him, he began his final transformation, from wraith to demonhood, a reward for his service by the Emperor. When he returned, he was changed, pale blue skins, dark red eyes and black hair dominated his demonic features, whilst he could return to his human form.... he chose not to... the fear of his transformation brought many of the officers cowering. Though others claimed he had been genetically modified to be reminiscent of a Chiss, but the sharp features and cold claw like fingers gave way to that rumour.... he was something much darker.

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