" Through all the years, I have never met someone who wasn't useful."


Xehanort D'VenablesEdit

"Remember... fear is an important weapon... but to truly defeat an enemy... to bend them to your will... you must show them how bad life is without your government."
—Xehanort D'Venables
Born on Hutta to an Imperial Governor's Slave, Xehanort D'Venables was born Scotia D'Venables and raised by his father, Governor Rys D'Venables.

Brought up with intensive mental and physical training by his Imperial Father preparing him for the Imperial Academy, he was shown little kindness or mercy and was often treated coldly and brutally by his father and his wife.

At a young age he was married off to another Imperial nobles daugther, with whom he had a son, Marcus D'Venables. He joined the Imperial Military shortly afterwards and was part of the Imperial Navy's Tactical Corps, he rose to command numerous capitol ships eventually rising to the rank of Rear Admiral with his flagship the Shadowbane. 

During the Great Galactic War he was part of the command hierachy involved in the Sacking of Coruscant. Though instrumental in the destruction of the Jedi Temple his efforts were overshadowed by Moff Rycus Kilran. Returning after the war he was promoted to Moff and returned to find his son and his wife dead, leaving a small child in his care. It was then Zarissenna came into his life.

Raising his granddaughter to be a harsh, dark force user with a hatred for the Republic, they became a ruthless and effective team.

They came to the notice of Darth Kwagar Ocata, who offered them the chance to join his secretive Order of Shadows, they became loyal servants of the Order and rose to high power within the Empire.

He now oversees all major operations and political affairs from his stronghold on Dromund Kaas, where the Council of Moffs holds residence.


Ruthless and cruel, D'Venables was not afraid to employ the most clinical and brutal methods to secure the Empire's goals, sacrificing anyone for the good of the Empire. 

Reclusive and withdrawn he guides from the shadows, watching, analysing and perfecting his stratagem and tactics. 

He commands respect from those below him and those above him equally for his complete faith in the Empire and it's system.

He respects only one thing, power... and he knows few hold the wisdom and intelligence he does, it is not arrogance, it is fact and he makes sure the 'fools' under his command know it.