Young Tarkin

Supreme Moff Xa'viar D'Venables

"There will be Order, through Power."

-Venables on the New Order.


"Supreme Moff Xa'viar D'Venables is a hard, cold, and extremely ruthless man. A brilliant political and military mind,Venables is an ambitious man with few moral scruples, utterly loyal and trusted by the Emperor. He has put great emphasis on ruling through the fear of force, an applied principle of the Grand Imperial Order and is known to have underworld connections."
— Republic Report on D'Venables

Xavier D'Venables was born many years ago in the Age of Exploration. He rose to prominance as the head of the Imperial Army and for a time before that as Admiral of the Fleet and commander of the Avenger. 

He currently serves as Supreme Moff of the Council and Kwagar's most trusted government official, his utter loyalty and ruthless dedication to the Imperial Creed have made him a favourite in the Imperial Court.

He was also the designer and project manager of the Order's flagship the "Midnight Avenger" and bases his forward operations from the ship.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Of power, I could tell you much. But the time is not right. I shall only say that the Empire is close to having power such as never before – power of proportions, you could say. Mark my words, never again will a citizen of this galaxy watch a moonrise in quite the same way. He will stare at that moon –  such it is – and remember that the Empire is firmly in control."

-Venables on the New Order, shortly before the Purge. Xavier D'Venables, who was orginally known as Richard, is a determined man with an iron will and tremendous ambition, stoked in his youth by resentment at what he perceived to be a lack of respect for the accomplishments of his Provincial family.

D'Venables is a ruthless commander of men, who values them as vital assets for achieving the Emperor's objectives in combat zones. Ambitious to rise in the ranks by any means necessary, even through exploiting the mistakes or misjudgements of others to his own ends. He is known to be ruthless when it comes to his enemies and disciplining his soldiers, with harsh punishments being given to those who fail in their duties to the Emperor and the Order.


Venables and his new government officials

He has been a major force in the writting of Imperial policy. With his infamous "Venables" Doctrine being used by the Empire to ruthless effect. In the Venables Doctrine, he summarises that the fear of force, not force itself keeps the Empire secure. It was in this that he designed the facilities such as the Centurion Bases and the Midnight Avenger to inspire awe and fear into the people of the Empire.

His personal relationships are few and fare between. His mutual respect and trust for the Emperor is the closest thing he has to a friendship, while in his romantic life he cared little for his wife, going as far as to have her executed for failure to contain the rebellion on the planet he allowed her to govern.


The Retribution being built

He noted as an excellent Starship designer having designed the Midnight Avenger to be the most advanced Harrower Class ever constructed as well as designing and constructing the 11 kilometer long Retribution Class Super Dreadnaught named appropriately the 'Retribution'. Which became his personal flagship. He also oversaw the construction of the Avenger Class Space Station over Voss. 

He was a ruthless political adversary, using the failings of others to further is own political interests with the Emperor, rising to become the Emperor's most trusted lieutenant. He became the head of the Imperial Government, swiftly implementing harsh new laws and handing control over to the regional governors or Moffs.

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