Under the supervision of Supreme Commander, Elvenar Irluuk, and Head Coordinator, Lagerd Keelspinner, our Supreme Overlord, Kwagar Ocata, has approved of a Joint Branch Executive Order 99. This order is to be regarded as law from henceforth and is punishable by whatever means seen fit to by His Imperial Majesty, Kwagar Ocata. 

Section I. In accordance with his rank and duty, the Supreme Overlord, Kwagar Ocata, has declared that the individual previously known as Serene Marie shall from this point forward be identified as Alyson Marie. The "y" in said individual's name is of high importance and its existence heavily emphasized in daily communications with said individual.

Section II. In light of recent events the individual now known as Alyson Marie is barred from activities included but not limited to; sneezing, coughing, and weaping. Repeated violations of this section may be seen as hostile actions and efforts to restrain her are permitted.

This order was only approved after careful consideration and any displeasure it may bring is unfortunate but necessary for the safety of the Grand Imperial Order. Long live the Grand Imperial Order.

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