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The Forsworn is an organization that consists of the Emperor's most loyal followers. Much like Kwagar Ocata when he became known as the Oathbreaker by betraying the Riza Imperium, members of the Forsworn must swear away their former loyalties and pledge themselves to the Emperor.

The Forsworn is a select group of individuals who have been personally appointed by the Emperor. No other member of the Empire and Order can overrule a appointment of the Forsworn nor can they object. The Forsworn serve with the Emperor's voice and obey him with absolute loyalty.

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Members of the Forsworn are known to be absolutely loyal to the Emperor. They are trained beyond normal limitations.

Master of the Forsworn Edit

The Emperor is the Master of the Forsworn. He holds absolute power over the forsworn for they are those who are absolutely loyal to the Emperor.

To become Forsworn the possible member must willingly join the Emperor in several rituals of power. Those rituals are several rituals of power, and sacrifice.

The Thirteen Forsworn Edit

The Thirteen Forsworn are the elites of the Empire, who personally see to the Emperor's bidding. They handle the highest level of assignments, and are given the most classified of information.

When a Forsworn is named, they are bestowed with a name to symbolize their ability and the faith placed with them. One is chosen the Leader of the Forsworn.

Lord of the Forsworn Edit


Lord Bane Jäger as Lord Xehanort D'Venables the current Lord of the Forsworn

The Lord of the Forsworn is the Emperor's most trusted and loyal of the Thirteen. The Lord of the Forsworn serves as Leader of the Forsworn commanding them with absolute control in the name of the Empire. He holds much authority within the Empire and speaks with the Emperor's voice.

Line of Succession:

  1. Lord Aliyo Scarlett "The Crimosn General"
  2. Lord Insert "Insert"
  3. Lord Xehanort D'Venables
  4. Lord Aliyo Scarlett "The Crimosn General"
  5. Lord Bane Jäger as Lord Xehanort D'Venables

Members Edit

Historical Members Edit

  1. Lord Aliyo Scarlett "The Crimosn General" - Aliyo Scarlett was the First of the Forsworn taking the name the Crimson General in to honor his abilities in combat.

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