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Laws of the Land Edit

  • Let it be known that in the colony of St. Croix that for each tree cut down, two shall be planted in its place. This is down to prevent deforestation, and increase potential growth in the economy. (Est. by Magtongen Le'Overalines)
  • Overharvesting is now outlawed.


The island was inhabited by various indigenous groups during prehistory. Christopher Columbus landed forces on the island on November 14, 1493, and was attacked by the Kalinago, who lived at Salt River on the north shore. Control of the island was traded among various powers, including Spain, the Netherlands, the Knights of Malta, and Great Britain before it became a possession of France from 1650 until 1733. On June 13, 1733, France sold the island group to Denmark-Norway and the Danish Royal Trading Company.

Modern DayEdit

St. Croix became a sub-colony of St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies, with it's sister colony being St. John. Emperor Ocata I instated Edmond Stark as Acting Viceroy of the colony in 1749. Viceroy Stark went to work on strengthening the economy with trades such as woodworking. Later Magtongen Le'Overalines became governor of St. Croix.

Only allies of Denmark Norway and Denmark Norway itself are welcome into this lush and tropical area.

Mag has begun structuring a dock composed of wood on the western side and eastern side of st. Croix. No matter what dock you dock your boat in; it always points towards Denmark.

The governors building, inspired by both the quaintness of Denmark architecture and the grandious beauty of Elizabethan governors buildings is made of wood but looks like a mansion. In front of it is the main park-like area, named the Le'Overalines park, is where visitors can see Shakespearean plays such as The tragedy of Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet.

The building has rooms for guests; one is held off for Kwagar Ocata; rumor has it that is better than Mags. Its locked off to everyone besides Kwagar, not even Mag can access it.

Culture of indigenous people is still there, but culture of denmark-Norway is the main focus.

Diet tends to consist of Fish and Vegetables. This has caused Overharvesting, and more poorer families starve due to it. Mag plans on changing it.

After getting the bill into effect, There must be only up to 2 of a certain species caught by locals to prevent overharvesting.

Theres a limit on how many fish a merchant can sell.

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