The Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet is a guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic in which the Grand Imperial Order Gaming Community was apart of, members of the GIO left the guild, after many became disillusioned to the way they ran things.

In the game, the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet is Sith Empire naval based guild.

Guild Ranking System

  1. Grand Moff - Guildmaster of the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet and the unofficial leader. Arrise holds the rank of Grand Moff (GM) but isnt the In Character leader.
  2. Dark Lord - Official Leader, and In Character leader of the the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet and leader of the Council.
  3. Councilor - Members of the Council hold this rank. The leading member of which is Kwagar Ocata under Darth Skarcious.
  4. Darth -
  5. Flag Officer -
  6. Lord -
  7. Line Officer -
  8. Apprentice -
  9. Grunt -
  10. Freelancer -

Council of Leadership

Official Leadership of the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet.

Darth Skarcious


Darth Heiron

Darth Heiron has no name. An orphan of a dwindled species, he was abandoned at birth. Whether this was due to being unwanted, or the war that plagued the galaxy he knows not. All he knows is that he did not see like others, being a Miraluka, he sees through the Force rather than through his ocular nerve. Due to his affinity with the Force, he was quickly found by a Sith Lord and trained in the ways of the Dark Side.

Years after he completed his training, he was given a position in Imperial, then Sith, Intelligence and quickly rose through the ranks. After the attack of the Eternal Empire and quick dissolution of the Sith Empire's power base, Heiron found it wiser to leave Dromund Kaas and head to an outlying planet to train. After a few years he felt the presence of an old friend, Darth Skarcious, which snapped him out of his meditative trance. Meeting with his old ally, he was told of the plan to create a new power base for the Empire. Quickly joining, he was given the title of Head of Intelligence and raised to a member of Darth Skarcious' Council.

Darth Desiderium

Darth Desiderium formerly known as Jedi Knight Alkran Connor spent most of his life on the planet Alderaan where he was taken by his sister hidden away from his Sith family.  He was trained by his sister Elaine, which would later become one of his greatest enemy/rival. Alkran began his training as a Jedi around the age of 5. When Alkran was younger he always had a type of sarcastic and arrogant attitude being a fast learner and able to adapt quickly to situations.

When Alkran was 18 he was released from the hidden facility on Alderaan to do what he pleased in the world. For awhile he worked on making the galaxy a better place. However, that was cut short when he was informed by his other sister Juno that he had been captured by Elaine as a baby and that his true roots lied within the Sith. Skeptical at first Juno proved that she was his sister by taking him to their mother on Dromund Kaas.

Alkran learning the truth abandoned his Jedi teachings to become a sith assassin trained by his mother to take out important individuals within the Republic. Years later Alkran took the name Desiderium when he attained his rank as a Darth through proving himself through combat and killing Elaine and her agents within the Republic. Desiderium now aligns himself with Darth Skaricous and the Imperial Sixth Fleet to bring order to Empire.

Darth Insert


Darth Insert


Sith Order

Due to the fact the Sixth Imperial Assault Fleet is in service of the Sith Empire, Sith may sometimes join the fleet to help fight along with the usual duties of a Sith.

The Sith follow these ranks:

  1. Darth
  2. Lord
  3. Apprentice
  4. Acolyte
  5. Hopeful

Within the Sith you may hold the same rank or title as another member but you can hold more authority.

Armed Forces

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