"Without hope there is nothing, which is why I refuse to give up."
—Rose Beckett

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Early Life Edit

Life as I can remember it started out with a blazing inferno. My eyes darted back and forth to my birth parents trying to escape the burning house and the chaos that surrounded the whole city. As I was stolen away by a faceless assailant, my home exploded. My mother's screams were the last thing I heard before darkness greeted me.

When I awoke, I found myself in a cell. For three years I was experimented on by scientists. I was from another planet or world that much I knew, how they came there and brought Keira and me to Earth, I do not know. When scientists weren't running experiments on my physiology, I was forced to clean or work around the compound that we were held in. At one point I was injected with dark eco, a type of magic that I am still unsure of what it can fully do. Years later I would realize that those experiments had left me with an alter ego that my sister had locked away inside my mind. I have recently given her the name of Nightshade. Soon after the experiments Lord Beckett came and offered the scientists a deal and took Keira and I with him.

Childhood - Teenage Years Edit

Most of my days consisted of a rigorous schedule of learning proper etiquette and learning self defense. From a young age my father made sure I was skilled with a sword. When he believed I was ready, he had me trained by his two best assassins in hand to hand combat and the art of the dagger.

My studies consisted of history, astrology, mythology, physiology, politics, diplomacy, and the arts. I was trained to sing professionally as well as play the piano and violin. I have learned to speak fluently in German, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, French, and Latin.

When I wasn't being trained or tutored, I spent most of my free time drawing or reading. I had a restless sense of adventure and I still do. Many times I ran away with my sister. Running away was easy, it was not getting caught that was hard. I recall Keira always being able to stay free longer then I was able, but we both had the same resilience.

Adulthood Edit

In 1749, I joined Denmark-Norway but in 1750 I became a member of their military as a Trooper in the 3rd Danish Legion.

As of September 20th 1750, she was removed from the Grand Imperial Order, and the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway.

Weapons Edit

During a battle the other half of Phantomlight was lost, as a result Rose uses both pairs of chakrams, mainly using Deathsong and Phantomlight together to represent her struggle against dark and light.