Origin Edit

The Resolute Guard were established by Morderis Ocata with the purpose to protect and serve him without question, and to act as a fail-safe in the case of the Emperor's departure using martial law to keep order. The Resolute Guard consists of 6 knights loyal to Morderis, given the role of leading each of his 3 Armies and Navies (Separate from main Grand Imperial Military), and granted the power to exist in multiple realms, like the Ocata brothers.

Background Edit

The Resolute Guard's leaders are numbered 1-6 and are ranked based on skill. The Knight of One, or Grand Knight, leads the Resolute Guard, and would have the ability to control all 6 armies commanded by each one of the knights. The Grand Knight can also speak on behalf of Morderis, and has been appointed as his successor if he were to disappear.

The 6 Knights (WIP) Edit

Brief info about each knight, including appearance, titles, and statistics about their armies. (Images are not original content)

12 Knights





Army/Navy Size

1st Knight,

Grand Knight,


Random Knight10
Aside from being the strongest of all 12 Knights, Grand Knight Daedrius is the chosen leader of the Resolute Guard, and successor to Morderis. The First Grand Army of House Leviathan Est. 40,000 Troops
2nd Knight,


2nd Knight has the ability to lead their own personal army, and would be inheritor to the Grand Knight title The First Grand Navy of House Leviathan Est. 10,000 Troops,

10 First Rate Ship of the Line,

70 Brigs

3rd Knight,


Random Knight2
3rd Knight, "Thanatos" descends from a bloodline of demigods, and has pledged loyalty to Morderis even after death. The Second Grand Army of House Leviathan Est. 20,000 Troops
4th Knight,


5th Knight,


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