This is a informational page of the Imperial Leaders on Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

The EmperorEdit

The Emperor is Emperor Kwagar Ocata and he is the leader of the Empire.


The Founders are the creators of the Empire.

Emperor Kwagar OcataEdit

  1. Emperor of the Empire

Master TitoEdit

  1. Founder of the Empire


  1. Founder of the Empire

Second in CommandsEdit

The Second in Commands of the Empire


  1. Qswas was deleted because his account was hacked
  2. Currently not active or playing pirates but still honored as a Second in Command

Hector DreadeastonEdit

  1. Got Banned (So needs to speak to Disney)
  2. Using Captin Skull Kidd or Jeremiah Bluesteel


  1. Retired from game but returns now and then
  2. Still honored as a Second in Command


  1.  Using Captin Skull Kidd


  1. Bane of the Brothers of Chaos
  2. Uses his character Bane

Matthew O'MalleyEdit

  1. Loki of the Brothers of Chaos

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