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The Pirate Brethren, also known as the Brethren Court, Brethren of the Coast, Order of the Brethren, Pirate Conclave or Pirate Council, was a loose confederation of pirates active in the Age of Piracy. Made up of the great Pirate Lords, the Brethren Court was the governing body of pirates. These rogues and scoundrels were the best of the best, or the worst of the worst.

Based primarily on Shipwreck Island, where lied Shipwreck Cove and the town of Shipwreck, the original members of the Pirate Brethren convened a great conclave, in which they plotted with Davy Jones to tear the rule of the seas away from the goddess Calypso. With his help, the Brethren tricked the goddess and imprisoned her into the body of a mortal woman. Many years later, Calypso was freed by the Fourth Court to help battle against the fearsome tide of Lord Cutler Beckett's Armada.

In keeping with their heritage, the Brethren Court were governed by the Code, which favored legislative decision-making, hierarchical command authority, individual rights, and equitable division of revenues. Morgan and Bartholomew were perhaps the most famous members of the Brethren and the ones usually noted with producing the Code. The hallowed Pirata Codex would be guarded by the Keeper of the Code.

Entry to this club required possession of one of the nine pieces of eight, various small trinkets used as the First Court were, to a one, skint broke. Each captain, or successor, held this item close at all times since it provided entry to this mighty exclusive group.

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The Brethren Courts.

First Brethren Court Edit

Contrary to the belief that the First Meeting of the Brethren Court convened in the days before the great Hellenic society of Greece was founded, the First Court actually met at a later date, possibly during the 17th century before the Golden Age of Piracy began. The First Court consisted of the Nine Pirate Lords who bound the sea goddess Calypso in her human form, on the instruction of Davy Jones, who revealed them secrets from the Journal of the Ancient Seas. They sealed Calypso's fate with Nine Pieces of Eight, so that the rule of the seas would belong to men. The Brethren would convene a further three times before Calypso's eventual release.

Known members Edit

  • First Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Calypso
  • Davy Jones
  • Unknown Pirate King

Known ships Edit

  • Flying Dutchman
  • First Pirate King's flagship

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