Operation: Purge

War on Heresy


Galactic Era


Grand Imperial Order

Imperial Intelligence Bureau

Heresy Organization


Emperor Kwagar Ocata

Grand Prince Aqueron Ocata

Grand Prince Morderis Ocata

Supreme Moff Xavier D'Venables


Mark Ironskull


Operation: Purge is the official name of the Purge of Heresy within the Grand Imperial Order. It was the genius of both Emperor Kwagar Ocata and Supreme Moff D'Venables, coming from the base idea of the Venables Doctrine, expanded upon by the Emperor and the Forsworn.


Trivia of Operation: Purge.

  • Operation Purge's primary purpose was to remove a ineffective branch (Council of the High Lords) due to inactivity and mistrust between its members.
    • All members within the Council were to be given a new station within the new branch within the Inner Circle
  • Player(s) Ben Weber and Mark Ironskull use President Andrew Palmer's account and remove him as leader breaking all trust between them
  • Entire end result was a misunderstand
    • GIO Members:
      • Lies spread behind the back of Andrew Palmer being insulted members of the First Order would believe.
        • Part of the reason the Operation: Purge was started
    • Heresy Organization (The First Order):
      • Believing it was a insult they betrayed the order, causing constant fights.
      • Caused major split and not accepted they were to be moved to a different branch.
  • The act of leaving was already being planned before the Purge was even thought of.

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