Minecraft Nations

Game Information
President User:Sir Joseph Grey
Vice-President User:The Scotsman
Head Developer User:Masqueradeus
Head Builder User:LíthìumŒ
Wiki Moderators
President User:Sir Joseph Grey
Vice-President User:The Scotsman
Administrator User:Masqueradeus
Administrator User:LíthìumŒ
Chad Moderator and Rollback User:Johnny Goldtimbers
Chad Moderator and Rollback User:Reyes De Luz (Albert Spark)
Chad Moderator User:TheNextMaster
Chad Moderator User:Genevieve_De_Adelaide

Server Moderators

President, Operator User:Sir Joseph Grey
Vice-President, Operator User:The Scotsman
Head Developer, Operator User:Masqueradeus
Head Builder, Moderator User:LíthìumŒ
Moderator User:TheNextMaster






Countries on Minecraft Nations.

  • Denmark, The Grand Imperial Order - Grand Emperor Kwagar Ocata
  • Great Britain
  • Spain -
  • Switzerland - Kopf Alexander Kroshbon

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