Houses of GondorEdit

The Houses of Gondor and their Genealogy.

House of TolfalasEdit

A minor House from Southern Gondor, which would play an important part in the War of the Ring, the House of Tolfalas is descended from the House of Dom Amroth. The Lords of Tolfalas have a proud and noble heritage of martial skill.

House of Hurin (GIO RP)Edit

Descended from the Steward of Gondor, Turgon. This offshoot of the House of Hurin has served Gondor faithfully, it's current head is Venethor, Son of Veregond. The House has faithfully served the Citadel for four generations.

House of DextrosEdit

The House of Dextros is a minor house in Gondor, holding no land or titles, yet they have served faithfully for generations within the Gondorian Military.

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