"The only ones who should kill are those prepared to be killed."
—Kwagar Ocata


Kwagar Ocata is the Ruler of the Grand Imperial Order and the Leader of The Brothers of Chaos. Kwagar Ocata is the character of the Community President Andrew Palmer.


Journals written by Kwagar Ocata documenting his life and experiences.

Prologue: Opening Letter

If you are reading the collection of my journals, I personally wish to congratulate you in being able to find them.
Now what I have written should honestly see the light of day but here it goes. I am a Demon. You have no clue how hard that was to write. We tend to be a secretive lot.
I was born to Lady Ocata the wife of the Dark Lord of the Riza Imperium, Riza Ocata of House Ocata. One to the most evil bastards to exist but I digress. My name is Kwagar Ocata and this is my full story.

Book 1: My Early Years

Book 1 Prologue

Now I'm aware you probably have read my opening letter so that makes this first book a bit easy. This is to explain my early years with life, and perhaps the events that would shape my life forever. For now lets just worry about the basics.

Chapter 1: A Brief Background

Mors Palatium

Mors Palatium

Before I get into my life perhaps a bit of background would be nice. I was born to Lady Ocata the wife of the Dark Lord of the Riza Imperium, Riza Ocata of House Ocata. House Ocata is the rules of the Realm of Death ruling from their seat of power Mors Palatium.
Mors Palatium is a massive city within the realm of death. To mortals it could be described as a fortress the size of maybe a massive island. The Realm of Death is in truth endless, so the concept of size really doesn't mean a lot when it comes to its land or even time itself. Some believe death is the fiery prison, or a endless desert for the dead to wander. Some are right, we have some of those, but its like a world of its own but I digress once again. The Realm of Death is ruled by my family, at the time it was ruled by my father.
Now I was born to House Ocata, the 3rd Son to the Dark Lord and his wife. My two older brothers I will explain a bit later on for now I shall give you their names. Aqueron Ocata the Protector and Morderis Ocata the Reaper. On the day of my birth like many my powers were measured. Turns out I had a ungodly amount even for our kind. Little did I know that was my first mistake. Being stronger then my father and I was nothing more then a infant. Due to being a member of the Royal Family a demon guard was assigned to me as was tradition. That demon guard was tasked to be the Captain of my Guard and little did I know eventually become a close friend. His name was Bane Jäger. As most children, I had a enjoyable one. I was a Prince after all, but that would change very soon.

Chapter 2: Training Begins

Kwagar Ocata Child

The time eventually came for me to begin my training which in all honesty would shape my life. I was nothing more then a small child when I first began my training. I was taught magics, politics and even war at such an early age. I became a skilled swordsman in only two years of a humans lifetime. Magic I excelled for my unusual amount of power, but of course I didn't know that at the time.
During this I would begin to truly start to know my brothers. Morderis was a cold person. By this point in my life he had already become what humans know him as, the Grim Reaper. Aqueron was more diplomatic of the two often traveling to meet Demon Lords and training with Sword and Shield. Jager was a constant shadow for me, constantly observing to ensure I was safe. I know I could count on him even though he failed in his duties only once.

Chapter 3: Kidnapping

I had been studying three human years by this time in my life. When a rival lord would challenge my father's authority. I will be honest. That lord was a fool in doing so, but he preformed his coup quiet well. It was during this time this rival lord known by Lord Scarlett kidnapped me and attempted to use me as a hostage. Even when i was a captive however, I was still trained.
You need to understand. When a Demon Lord takes another Demon Captive they still treat the captive with respect. Even train them as they are a ward. So what happens is no betrayal but it is expected should the Lord be weaker then the one he tries to chain.
Back to my story, I cant stress this enough but I was a captive for years. In human times, it wasn't long, but you need to remember. Where I come from time feels much different. During my captivity I was lucky however. I befriended this rival lords son. One who would eventually become my most loyal friend and follower. He was named Aliyo Scarlett.

Chapter 4: Downfall

During my time as a hostage I was still treated with great respect. Lord Scarlett knew he wouldn't dare harm me for he knew it was truly dangerous. As I grew to bond with Aliyo we slowly developed a mutual respect for one another. That respect would eventually become a friendship.
We grew fighting each other constantly. Growing in power and skill. They learned more about each other then they expected. We both realized if we wished to survive, we had a need for each other. A need I knew would be our downfall. With that however we began to plan.
A few weeks would pass as they grew more confident and as our plan was ready. It was risky however. It meant challenging demon lord, a feat keep in mind was impossible. We were children.
By this time the Castle of House Scarlett has been under siege for some time. Lord Scarlett had grown weak due to it. That was when we struck. I approached the Demon Lord a sword drawn ready to fight, and yes die. Aliyo had left to deal with his kin. I knew he would succeed, so I had to deal with only one foe.
We clashed blades with a fury. I was faster then Lord Scarlett. My cuts weren't deep, but they did their work. Lord Scarlett engulfed me in flame... I knew I was going to die... I knew I was afraid. I overcame that fear and unleashed the power of a true Ocata. The Genesis Arc was unleashed vaporizing the Castle of House Scarlett, leaving Aliyo and I alone. Lord Scarlett was defeated, and I had claimed my first kill. So did Aliyo however... we both payed a price that day.

Chapter 5: Return


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The blade is almost dark crimson mixed with black. In appearance the blade almost appears to be like smoke. A black hilt with a single ruby in the pummel with symbols and writings of an unknown language worked into the blade and the scabbard.

Bloodspiller is one of the true names of Kwagar Ocata. The name Bloodspiller was given to the sword upon is forging by Kwagar Ocata himself.