Family Tree Status Galactic Era
John Keelspinner Killed in battle of Ravens Cove X
Mary Keelspinner Murdered in Destruction of Ravens Cove X
William Keelpinner (oldest) Murdered and brought back Lagerd
Ryan Warhawk (Keelspinner) Killed in battle, Revived Markovain
Jenifer Keelspinner Unkown after the death of William Unkown

Keelspinner Family History

William Keelspinner- A 1700s pirate/mercenary was out on a mission to find new islands and new medicines for the British Empire. Getting caught it a cross fire William lost everything including his life. Offered a second chance by Kwagar Ocata, William rose from the dead and served in his empire ,and seek out revenge on the ones who destroyed his life.

Lagerd- A future offspring of William, Lagerd had the memories and anger that William had and used it against his enemies. Joining the GIO, honoring his family name Lagerd now serves for the Grand Imperial Order like his ancestor once did.

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