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John Collingwood was born in Manchester, England, on April 17th, 1688 to Christopher Collingwood (The given name to Christopher Ironshot before he turned to piracy) and Mary Collingwood. He joined the British Royal Navy in 1706 with the rank of ensign, thanks to his cousin, John Tremain. His first action was under Admiral John Tremain (then a Captain) at Matthew Town, in the Bahamas against his father's band of pirates. Over the next few years, he fought at the Battle of Cayo de Marquis (1712), the Defensive Action at Bridgetown (1714), and the 4 nation coalition against his father in Operation Ironshot (1718), although the operation was a strategic failure. In 1719, he was given his own command, named the "Antilles Squadron". With this, he became an Admiral, and soon afterward, he organized and carried out Operation Thunder (1720) against his father at Tortuga, Hispaniola, with the help of the Spanish, Dutch, French, and Brethern forces in the Carribean. Soon afterwards, in the early months of 1721, with the menace of his father gone and the truce between the nations in the Antilles, the squadron was disbanded, with its captains and Collingwood discharged from the British service.   After about a year in hiatus, he returned to the Caribbean once more.