Information Edit

House Ocata or the Ocata-Royal Family is the leading family and house of the Grand Imperial Order.

Family Tree Edit

Family Tree of House Ocata.

Dark Lord Riza Ocata
Lady Ocata
Morderis Ocata
Aqueron Ocata
Emperor Kwagar Ocata
House Leviathan (Cadet Branch)
House Dreadheart (Cadet Branch)
House Ocata (Under Kwagar Ocata)

House Ocata (Under Riza Ocata) Edit

House Ocata (Under Kwagar Ocata) Edit

Brothers of Chaos2 Ocata Brothers of Chaos2
Lord: Andrew Palmer; His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kwagar Ocata, Overlord of the Grand Imperial Order Heir: Chad Lewis; Grand Prince Aqueron Ocata of the Grand Imperial Order Brothers of Chaos2
Seat: Imperial Citadel, Mors Palatium, Realm of Death

Copenhagen, Denmark and Voss Ka, Voss

Primary Lands: Mors Palatium, Realm of Death
Standing: Royal Family of Grand Imperial Order Lands: Denmark; Norway; Greenland; Iceland; Faroe Islands; Saint Thomas; Saint John; Saint Croix; Traquebar; Frederiksnagore; Voss (Planet)
Title(s): Emperor of the Grand Imperial Order, Lord of Death, Insert
Current Members:Kwagar Ocata; Aqueron Ocata; Morderis Ocata; Adelina Ocata
Deceased Members:Dark Lord Riza Ocata of the Riza Imperium (Sealed)
Unknown Status:Lady Ocata (Mother of the Ocata TRIO)
Vassals:Grand Imperial Order; The Forsworn; House Leviathan; House Venables; House Irluuk; House Stark; House Keelspinner; House Machado

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