"War is inevitable, as eternal as the grave."
—House Ocata

Information Edit

House Ocata or the Ocata-Royal Family is the leading family and house of the Grand Imperial Order.

Within the 1700s also known as the Age of Exploration, House Ocata is the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway. Following the disappearance of the Emperor, the estates of House Ocata were left as relics only to retaken when Kwagar returned decades later.

During the Galactic Era, of the time of the Old Republic and Sith Empire the Grand Imperial Order established itself. House Ocata took a ancient temple for its palace and served as the their seat of power.

History Edit

House Ocata was found by the Dark Lord Riza Ocata of the Riza Imperium during his rule over the realm of death.

Family Tree Edit

  • Dark Lord Riza Ocata (Founder)
    • Lady Ocata (Riza Ocata's Wife)