Information Edit

The Grand Inquisition, granted and praised by our Overlord, Kwagar Ocata, Commander and Leader of the Grand Imperial Order. We are the Weapon of the Order, the Ultimate Weapon Forged by it's most loyal and hardworking Members.

With the Leaders of the Inquisition, Darth Nihhilus and Hierarch Quintien, destroying all the enemies who pose a threat to our Great Order. Whether in Battle on the Fields, or behind closed Gates, we fight all who dare deny the Order.

We Honor our Overlord and Emperor, Kwagar Ocata. We Fight, We Stand, We Destroy in his Name. Goals

Our Goal in the Imperial Order, is to gather supplies and Increase the Power of it's Members, to be at the Emperor's call, we Honor the Order by making sure we are what they need.

Goal Edit

  • To be at the Emperor's Call
  • Increase the Power of it's Members
  • Gather Supplies

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