The Imperial Parliament, the Legislative Branch of the Grand Imperial Order, is a large council in which members of the Empire & Order meet to create, administer, and amend Imperial Laws and to discuss political matters for specific territories on different levels in the Empire.


  • The creation of new proposals for Imperial Laws
  • The administration of new and existing Imperial Laws to the Empire's territories
  • The discussion of political matters pertaining to the Empire's territories on different levels.
  • Proposal for War or Cease Fire.

Members Edit


Royal Members Edit

  1. His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kwagar Ocata I; Emperor of the Grand Imperial Order; Emperor of Denmark, The Wenns and Goths; Duke of Pomerania
  2. Grand Prince Aqueron Ocata; Prince of Denmark; Viceroy of Norway
  3. Grand Prince Morderis Ocata; Prince of Denmark; Viceroy of Sweden

Leaderships Edit

Official leadership of the Imperial Parliament.

  1. Statsminister Richard Venables, Lord of the Forsworn
  2. Attorney General Chamelleon Irritum of the Brothers of Chaos and the Imperial Government, Viceroy of Finland

House of Lords Edit

The House of Lords is the high class members of the Imperial Parliament in which the His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor may appoint member.

Government Edit

Military Edit

Intelligence Edit

Other Seats Edit

House of Commons Edit

The House of Commons is the lower class members of the Imperial Parliament in which members are elected into the roll. Most common members are those who represent a territory.

Government Edit

Military Edit

Other Chairs Edit

Danish Citizens Edit

  • Admeral Qswas (Deceased)
  • Qswas Maximus (Retired)

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