The Grand Imperial Military or the Imperial Military of the Grand Imperial Order is the armed forces the Order and Empire.

Organization Edit

Official Organization of the Grand Imperial Military.

Unified Ranks Edit

  1. Commander-in-Chief
  2. Supreme Commander
  3. Marshal Commander
  4. Commander
  5. Captain
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Sergeant
  8. Corporal
  9. Trooper
  10. Cadet

Specializations Edit

Specializations of the Imperial Military are to assign a broad combat role to soldiers on a group level.

Classifications Edit

  • Waches ("Imperial Guards") - Guards who protect Grand Imperial Order from intruders.
  • Jaegers ("Search and Hunting Troops") - Scouts. They are usually accompanied with a Wanderer and act as their lookouts for certain missions.
  • Wanderers ("Patrollers") - Warriors who fight for the cause. They usually move alongside a Jaeger in missions.
  • Herolds ("Ordinance Officials") - The non-combatant members of Grand Imperial Military. Their overall duty is sending information from one place to another.

Official Organizations Edit

Official Organizations of the Grand Imperial Military.

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