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The Brothers of Chaos are the true leaders of the Grand Imperial Order. The Brothers of Chaos are humans turned immortals, demons, and gods of the past who have joined the Ocata Trio over the centuries in order to work towards a common goal with complete loyalty to Kwagar Ocata the leader of the Brothers of Chaos. Most of the Ancients were originally mortals; thus, they choose to hold their original appearances. Brothers of Chaos may choose to be addressed by a name, nickname, or title.

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Kwagar, Loki, Korda, Apollo, Ell, Hammer, Chameleon, Aqueron, Morderis, Bane, Blaze, Dieta, Deathwin; these are the brothers thirteen. These are the brothers that secretly lurk in the shadows of war, silently pulling the strings in every conflict and political change they consider unjust. The brothers' leader is Kwagar, a true immortal, while the other brothers reincarnate themselves by Kwagar's will or their own. The stories of these brothers are recorded in the crevices of history but under various names and titles...

The Brothers of Chaos The Players
Kwagar Ocata Andrew

User:Kwagar Ocata

Loki Hveðrungr
Korda Épéiste Ben


Apollo Arron Bryce

User:William Keelspinner

Ell Aldavir
Hammer Colossus Harris

User:John Scurvycastle

Chamelleon Irritum Tyler


Aqueron Ocata Chad

User:Aqueron Ocata

Morderis Ocata Sky

User:Morderis Ocata

Bane Jäger Scott

User:Lieutenant General Richard Venables

Blaze Infernus
Dieta Umbră Mag


Deathwin Vârcolac Larry


Kwagar Ocata Edit

Kwagar Ocata is the Eternal of the Brothers of Chaos and the Emperor of the Grand Imperial Order. He is unforgiving when dealing with his enemies, yet compassionate when it comes to his allies. Like his two brothers before him, Kwagar was trained in the art of politics and the science of warfare from an early age. The holder of unlimited power, Kwagar is dedicated to utilizing it for the success of his cause.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Kwagar Ocata
  • Emperor Kwagar Ocata
  • Kwagar the Eternal
  • Oathbreaker

Loki Hveðrungr Edit

Loki Hveðrungr, as famous in Norse Mythology, is the Trickster of the Brothers of Chaos. Commonly known as the Sly One, Loki exceeds all men in the art of cunning, trickery, and deception, and he is often known to cheat. Seen by many as a traitor except by his Brothers, Loki serves them loyally as both a friend and companion.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Loki
  • Loki the Trickster
  • Loki the Sly One
  • Dog Star
  • Crookmouth

Korda Épéiste‏ Edit

Korda Épéiste‏ is the Blademaster of the Brothers of Chaos. He will always be seen carrying two swords, one in each hand. Known also as the Master Swordsman, Korda is seen by many as both a villain and a hero. Originally trained as a knight for truth and justice, Korda will do whatever it takes to protect and serve his Brothers to his fullest potential.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Korda
  • Korda the Blademaster
  • Korda the Master Swordsman
  • Duelist
  • Maître

Apollo Arron Edit

Apollo Arron is the Archer of the Brothers of Chaos and the God of the Sun as famous in Greek Mythology. He is also known to be a healer, unleashing seemingly limitless shots from his weapons while dropping countless enemies as well as keeping his Brothers alive. With his great ability, Apollo fights to preserve the legacy of the Brothers.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Apollo
  • Hyperion
  • Hyperion the Archer
  • God of the Sun
  • Shaman

Ell Aldavir Edit

Ell is the Sharpshooter of the Brothers of Chaos and an Elven Prince. He is the master of long range combat, firing with only pinpoint accuracy to eliminate his targets. Ell has been known to down entire patrols with a single shot. Aside from being an excellent sniper, Ell is also an expert military leader. He secures a safe passage for the Brothers.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Ell
  • Ell the Sharpshooter
  • Ell the Elven Prince
  • Deadshot
  • Keen Eye

Hammer Colossus Edit

Hammer is the Juggernaut of the Brothers of Chaos. Known to be a savage brute in combat, Hammer will stop at nothing to destroy all that stands in his path as he guides the Brothers to their victories. Hammer will often lead the charge into battle, as he yields to nothing and no one to accomplish his task and those of his Brothers.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Hammer
  • Hammer the Juggernaut
  • Hammer the Unstoppable Force
  • Vindicator
  • Crusader

Chamelleon Irritum Edit

Chamelleon, also known as Shift, is the Informant of the Brothers of Chaos. He the master of stealth and obtaining intelligence. This being the case, he is seen by few and usually disappears into thin air when spotted. When he must show himself, he is usually seen with a different face each time, or a mask concealing it. Chamelleon is a master of cunning, and he uses stealth and shapeshifting as well as his incredibly sharp wits to obtain victory for the Brothers before a single shot has been fired.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Chamelleon
  • Shift
  • Shift the Informant
  • Master of Espionage
  • Manipulator

Aqueron Ocata Edit

Aqueron Ocata is the Defender of the Brothers of Chaos and the Council of Ancients, and he is the middle child of death; he is older than Kwagar Ocata but younger than Morderis Ocata. Aqueron is heir to the emperor and is often treated very highly amongst the ancients. Above all else, he is skilled in the arts of politics and diplomacy as well as military command, often using defensive tactics in those particular aspects. Aqueron possesses a strong sense of justice, honor, and order, making him an ideal leader. As stalwart defender of the Empire, he is sworn to protect and serve the order and her subjects.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Aqueron Ocata
  • High King Aqueron Ocata
  • Aqueron the Defender
  • Aqueron the Stalwart
  • Holy Shield of the Empire

Morderis Ocata Edit

Morderis Ocata is the Harbinger of the Brothers of Chaos and the eldest child of death. He is older than both Aqueron and Kwagar Ocata. Morderis is ruthless in many aspects and seldom shows compassion say to those he cares for. Like his younger brother, he too is a skilled politician as well as a capable military leader, often using offensive tactics in both aspecs. Morderis wreaks chaos in order to protect and serve the order and the Brothers of Chaos.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Morderis Ocata
  • Prince Morderis Ocata
  • Morderis the Harbinger
  • Morderis the Reaper
  • Dark Sword of the Empire

Bane Jäger Edit

Bane is the Hunter of the Brothers of Chaos. He is most well known for serving as the personal guard and protector of Kwagar. He serves Kwagar with complete loyalty and always does as requested. Bane is trained to feel no fear from the presence of his enemies as he fights for not only the Brothers but for Kwagar's security and well-being

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Bane
  • Bane the Hunter
  • Bane the Predator
  • Kwagar's Dog
  • Loyalty

Blaze Infernus Edit

Blaze is the Pyro of the Brothers of Chaos. He relies not only on his weapons but also the use of fire as his name states. While not the most skilled politician or diplomat, Blaze is one of the most deadly competitors on the battlefield, making use of fire and other pyrotechnics to leave an igneous path of destruction wherever he fights.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Blaze
  • Blaze the Pyro
  • Blaze the Inferno
  • Luminosity
  • Hot Spot

Dieta Umbră Edit

Dieta is the Shade and Assassin of the Brothers of Chaos. Cruel and cunning, Dieta is a treacherous killer, and he rarely shows mercy to anyone and is understood by few. Honored by Kwagar's decision to spare his life, he vowed to serve Kwagar and the Order with great loyalty. Dieta serves as the Assassin of the Brothers.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Dieta
  • Dieta the Shade
  • Dieta the Assassin
  • Shadow Stalker
  • Shroud of Darkness

Deathwin Vârcolac Edit

Deathwin is the cold, calculated killer of the Brothers of Chaos. A ruthless murderer, Deathwin sparsely shows mercy towards anyone, except for the few he maintains respect for. Known by many names including the Nightwalker and Vampire, Deathwin's task is simple; he is to eliminate anyone in order to protect Kwagar and the Brothers.

Titles and Nicknames:Edit

  • Deathwin
  • Deathwin the Nightwalker
  • Deathwin the Master Vampire
  • Master Krsnik
  • Incubus