• Kwagar Ocata


    April 16, 2017 by Kwagar Ocata
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  • Elvenar

    Healing as a sorc is one of the more laid back healing specs in my opinion. With the other two healing specs you have to worry about resource management a lot more but healing sorcs benefit from a pretty easy to manage resouce pool and the smartest healing ability in the game.

    I'd like to have some pics here but I don't quite know how to do rip (KWAGAR TEACH ME). With 5.0 the previous 3 tiers of utilizes was bumped up to 4 (so you're not going crazy if you thought there were less). 

    Anyways, when it comes to PvE there are often "best" specs to use in general and for specific boss fights. For PvP it's a little different with specs not really coming down to the best or worst but more choice.

    With that said there are definitally better…

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  • Elvenar

    SWTOR Guide Introduction

    December 20, 2016 by Elvenar

    In light of several requests for guides (and dire need in some cases) I'll be puting together some class guides for the PvP and PvE aspects of SWTOR. The guides will be mostly on PvP but in most case the rotations can be related to PvE. I'll be doing DPS and Healing Sorc first off but if anyone wants me to do their class/spec let me know and I can probably make one. 

    In this and other guides I'll be using some gaming/SWTOR lingo to shorten it up and make my fingers hurt less from typing. So here they are:

    • Jugg - Juggernaut (a class)
    • PT - Powertech (a class)
    • Sins - Assassin (a class)
    • Mercs - Mercenary (a class)
    • Sorcs - Sorcerors (a class)
    • Mara - Maraders (a class)
    • Ops - Operative (a class)
    • Snipers - Yah...guessing you can get this one
    • DPS - Damage Pe…

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  • Elvenar

    Executive Order 99

    December 11, 2016 by Elvenar

    Under the supervision of Supreme Commander, Elvenar Irluuk, and Head Coordinator, Lagerd Keelspinner, our Supreme Overlord, Kwagar Ocata, has approved of a Joint Branch Executive Order 99. This order is to be regarded as law from henceforth and is punishable by whatever means seen fit to by His Imperial Majesty, Kwagar Ocata. 

    Section I. In accordance with his rank and duty, the Supreme Overlord, Kwagar Ocata, has declared that the individual previously known as Serene Marie shall from this point forward be identified as Alyson Marie. The "y" in said individual's name is of high importance and its existence heavily emphasized in daily communications with said individual.

    Section II. In light of recent events the individual now known as Alyson…

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  • EmpressBluefeather31

    Hello everyone. As I stay up late typing this, sleep deprived, hungry, and tired, I realized something. I came here to make friends and be in a community. I am debating whether to leave roleplay or not.  It has become overly dramatic and stupid, roleplay has no point. I am sorry Richard for stirring up shit.  I think roleplay was fun while it lasted, but it is just stupid and does not compare to real life. As I say this, I would like to say that I am quitting roleplay, possibly for good. This fake drama causes stress and Leonhard coming back made me realize that I am just wasting my precious sleep and roleplay held me back from really living my life. I truly love all of you guys, I really do. But alas, like Lawrence, I must go too. I have …

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    "It is with great sorrow and disappointment... that the House of Venables, in keeping with it's customs and traditions. Finding that our brother and kinsman Edmond, Earl Venables has developed a disregard for the traditions, principals and beliefs upon which the House of Venables was founded upon by our ancestors. Whose disregard for the wisdom and counsel of myself, Richard the First, Lord of the Forsworn, Chieftain of the House and Clan of Venables, has lead to no alternative but the departure of Edmond from the House of Venables.

    This decision... a grave and dark one, is one which is not taken lightly... nor with any thought of malice or ill will towards our departed brother but with the deepest sorrow at the unfortuant circumstances whi…

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    Fellow Citizens of Denmark,

    It is my great joy and pleasure to announce my engagement to Hannah Bluefeather, after the annulment of her marraige to Leonhard Bosch, we have rekindled our relationship and are renewing our marraige.

    An announcement will be made when the wedding ceremony will take place and a public holiday will be given to all Danish and Austrian Citizens.

    I invite all to attend the wedding.

    Sir Richard 

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    My Friends, 

    Fellow Citizens of Denmark...

    In this grave hour perhaps the most fateful in our history, I send to all my fellow citizens, both at home and over seas, this message with the same depth of feeling for each one of you, as if I were able to cross your threshhold and speak to you myself. For the second or more time in the lives of most of us, we are at War. Over and over again, we have tried to find a peaceful solution out of the differences between ourselves and those who would be our enemies. But this time, it has been in vain. We have been forced into a conflict and we are called to defend humanity and meet the challenge of a principle if it were to prevail, would be fateful to any human being in this world of ours. It is a princ…

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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables

    Proposal for the establishment of titles and awards for service and commitment to the Empire and Emperor.

    • Order of the Emperor Awarded by the Emperor himself, the highest honour in the Empire, only for the great feats of service or loyalty to the Emperor.
    • Order of the Brotherhood Awarded by the Emperor himself, part of the intiation into the Brothers of Chaos.
    • Order of the Forsworn Awarded by the Emperor himself, part of the intiation into the Forsworn.
    • Order of the Companions Awarded by the Emperor, for personal sacrifice in service to the Empire or Emperor.
    • Order of the Crown of Denmark Awarded by the Crown of Denmark, for service to the Royal Court of Denmark.
    • Order of the Citadel Honouring the great physical sacrifices made in service to the Real…

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  • Kwagar Ocata

    To my friends and loyal subjects. I am pleased to annouce the Danish Royal Ball of December 1749. This event is to honor our new allies and the organization of the Grand Imperial Order.

    I am personally pleased we are hosting this event to celebrate the end of a excellent year. During this event we shall celebrate the past and the future.

    His Imperial Majesty

    Emperor Kwagar Ocata

    Kingdom of Denmark-Norway

    Grand Imperial Order

    • All Citizens of Denmark-Norway/GIO
    • Allied Kingdoms of of Denmark-Norway/GIO:
      • Britain
      • Switzerland
      • Spain
      • Austria
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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Wikia: To do list

    August 7, 2016 by Kwagar Ocata
    • Official Pages transfered to Category Pages
      • Grand Imperial Military -> Category:Military
        • Delete Grand Imperial Military Page
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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Page Test

    April 10, 2016 by Kwagar Ocata
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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables


    In discussion with the Emperor and Council of Moffs we have decided upon a suitable uniform system for the Imperial Military, including the Army and Navy. As well as this, uniforms have been decided upon for the Council of Moffs which is to only be worn by members of the Council.

    It is expected that all members of these organisation have the correct uniform, which will be handed out on promotion or induction into the Imperial Military etc.

    The choices for these uniforms are that they are cheap, good looking and unique, identifying as the Grand Imperial Military and Intelligence Officers.

    1. Supreme Moff > Ubrikkien Industries Rigorcord Cuirass (Dyed with White and Medium Red Dye), Ubrikkien Industries Rigorcord Greaves (Pants, Unify t…

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  • Mark Ironskull

    Weekly Updates!

    November 14, 2015 by Mark Ironskull

    In order to establish a system of communication and notifications there will now be a weekly blog (this one, just updated every sunday) to report on any new ideas and changes that occur we ask that you be truthful and step up and stop deteriorating the system of communication so far. side note if you wish to have a message put up on the board PLEASE I implore you inform me before the blog goes up so I may write it down and post it! thank you for maintaining the communication. thank you.

    Sorry I'm a day late! Had some stuff to do but here we go.

    • Uniforms have been Implemented
    • Please collect the Item [Exotic Isotope Stabilizer] and insert it into the guildbank if you already do not know, its being used to unlock the guildship thank you
    • Sysetta i…

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  • James Goldtimbers

    GIO Recruitment

    October 4, 2015 by James Goldtimbers
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  • Lieutenant General Richard Venables
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  • Captain Richard Venables

    G'day guys,

    It's your old mate Scotty the Aussie here and today we're looking at you, the people and we want to know...


    Feel free to comment your favourite games and we will put serious thought into deciding whether or not that becomes a 'GIO game'.

    Below are some games the GIO are already a part of...

    • Star Wars: The Old Republic
    • Lord of the Rings Online
    • Star Trek Online
    • Arch Age

    Now it's time to decide, leave a comment with the game you want to play and why and guess what, as quick as a fly lands on a Kangaroo on Uluru we'll add it to the list and discuss all entries at our next staff meeting.


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  • Captain Richard Venables

    Branch Emblem

    Leadership Information

    Elder of Conquest Sky Johnson; Supreme Commander Sullirksi the Elder of Conquest of the Grand Imperial Military

    High Command

    General of the Army Scott M; Commissar-General Xavier D'Venables
    Admiral of the Navy

    Army Command

    Aide de Camp





    Naval Command

    Aide de Camp





    The Grand Imperial Military or the Imperial Military of the Grand Imperial Order is the armed forces the Order and Empire. It is a large scale organisation which needs a secure system of administration and command capabilities. Therefore, I have some basic recommendations. I have made a 'prototype' of the GIM page on this blog as well as a list below that of the other ideas I had.


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  • Captain Liag Turlock


    August 20, 2015 by Captain Liag Turlock

      Hi, Its Captain Laig Turlock of the Army of the Grand Imperial Order

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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Character Test

    June 26, 2015 by Kwagar Ocata
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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Family Tree Test

    June 23, 2015 by Kwagar Ocata


    |row1 ""=| |row2 ""=|

    |row1 " "=|

    |row2 " "=|

    |row1 "0"=|

    |row2 "0"=|

    |row1 "-"=| |row2 "-"=| |row1 "!"=|

    |row2 "!"=|

    |row1 "."=| |row2 "."=| |row1 "'"=| |row2 "'"=| |row1 "`"=| |row2 "`"=| |row1 ","=| |row2 ","=| |row1 "v"=| |row2 "v"=| |row1 "("=| |row2 "("=| |row1 "^"=| |row2 "^"=| |row1 ")"=| |row2 ")"=| |row1 "+"=| |row2 "+"=| |row1 "~"=| |row2 "~"=| |row1 ":"=|

    |row2 ":"=|

    |row1 "s"=| |row2 "s"=| |row1 "S"=| |row2 "S"=| |row1 "z"=| |row2 "z"=| |row1 "Z"=| |row2 "Z"=| |row1 "Y"=| |row2 "Y"=| |row1 "y"=| |row2 "y"=| |row1 "h"=| |row2 "h"=| |row1 "}"=| |row2 "}"=| |row1 "{"=| |row2 "{"=| |row1 "t"=| |row2 "t"=| |row1 "7"=| |row2 "7"=| |row1 "J"=| |row2 "J"=| |row1 "L"=| |row2 "L"=| |row1 "F"=| |row2 "F"=| |row1 "V"=| |row2 "V"=| |row… Read more >
  • Aliyo Scarlett

    Book of Words

    May 25, 2015 by Aliyo Scarlett


    Abasdarhon - angel of the fifth hour of the night.
    Abraxos - ancient name attributed to an angel.
    Adnachiel - angel who rules November.
    Adonael - an archangel.
    Adonai - one of seven angels of the presence, or elohim; creator.
    Aeshma - Persian archangel.
    Af - angel of light.
    Agla - angel who saved Lot and his family.
    Akriel - angel who aids those with infertility.
    Amitiel - angel of truth.
    Amriel - angel of the month of May.
    Anael - angel influencing love, passion and sexuality.
    Anapiel - angel whose name means "branch of God."
    Anahel - angel who rules the third heaven.
    Anpiel - angel who protects birds.
    Ansiel - name of an angel known as "the constrainer."
    Arael - variation of Uriel; prince over the people.
    Araqiel - angel with dominion over the eart…

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  • Kwagar Ocata


    February 16, 2015 by Kwagar Ocata


















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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Skill Ratings

    December 5, 2014 by Kwagar Ocata

    1 through 100

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    Active Legions

    November 17, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata
    • Wolf 
    • Wasp
    • Tiger
    • Squirrel
    • Spider
    • Salamander
    • Rhino
    • Rat
    • Rabbit
    • Phoenix
    • Lynx
    • Lion
    • Leopard
    • Griffin 
    • Ferret 
    • Eagle 
    • Dragon (1st Legion)
    • Condor
    • Centipede 

    Which ones should we use?

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    Two Main Games

    October 29, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata

    I'll make this short and sweet. It seems our community is divided over whether our main game should be SWTOR or ArcheAge. Why not both? We'll just have to distribute decent activity to both.

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    ArcheAge Progress

    September 25, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata

    With the recent release of TRION's Archeage, a select few members of the GIO Staff have tested and played the game; it is not confirmed as the main game of the community. Here's what we've experienced so far:

    • Glyph login errors 
    • Glyph connection errors 
    • ArcheAge game crashes
      • black screen system crash
      • game client crash
    • game disconnections (in-game and server)
      • "The gods have disconnected you"
      • disconnection closes the entire game
    • que issues
    • ridiculous que times on most servers 
    • filled servers
    • unbalanced player populations
    • graphics errors 
    • late founder's pack deliveries

    In short, it was a rough start for a game with so much potential, due mainly in part to the massive flooding of new players upon release. TRION's work to combat these issues was absolutely pa…

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    Behind the scenes of our main MMO games, we will also have Minecraft as an option for a community game. We will be using complex plugins to set up our server to our liking.

    Xavier is currently working on our Narucraft project, a Naruto-themed minecraft server, which will be one of several options for the future.

    The question at hand: what other themes can we use for our server?

    One thing is for certain, we will have a basic GIO survival server and a basic GIO creative server. The remainder is still up for discussion, and that's where you all come in.

    Leave theme suggestions below.

    Best Regards, 

    03:51, September 5, 2014 (UTC) Read more >
  • Kwagar Ocata

    Testing - Andrew

    September 3, 2014 by Kwagar Ocata

    For testing purposes.

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    The Wiki President(s) have decided that we will install a "Member of the Month" contest, starting in October. 

    Here's what we have thus far:

    • 1 point - spelling and grammar edits
    • 5 points - content edits
    • 10 points - photos and videos (appropriate and relevant)
    • 20 points - creativity (i.e. original stories, weapons, ships, characters, etc.)
    • 50 points - well-done pages
    • 100 points - reffered recruits
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  • Serene Marie

    testing stuffs- allison

    September 2, 2014 by Serene Marie
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  • Aqueron Ocata

    Wiki Tests

    September 2, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata

    I will be performing a series of coding tests on the main page and other important pages on this Wiki. Please do not edit the text or source unless, with the exception of Andrew.


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  • Aqueron Ocata

    History and Lore

    August 26, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata

    Two things need to be finished sooner rather than later: GIO history and lore.

    Over the course of the next week, I will be updating this blog with an outline of the entire history of the GIO to the best of my knowledge. I certainly do not claim to know everything that has happened, so that's where you come in. Feel free to post suggestions or requests in the comment section. I uploading a similar blog for the following week. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Aqueron Ocata, VP.

    The history is bascially already written and should not an area of strong focus.





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  • Aqueron Ocata

    GTA Crew for the GIO

    August 22, 2014 by Aqueron Ocata

    For anyone who has Grand Theft Auto V and Xbox 360 Live, I have a crew set up that fits the lore of the GIO during the early modern era. If you have any interest, feel free to contact me via phone, email, comment section, or message me on Xbox @ sToNeCoLdCrAzYx

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  • King Yellowfish I

    ETW Proposal

    August 11, 2014 by King Yellowfish I

    I would like to make a proposal. A new wiki has formed as linked here. I highly suggest we inhabit this new Role-play as it takes place on the game Empire: Total War. Currently, al nations are unclaimed. The administration and rules are being formed.

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  • Elvenar

    Games of the GIO

    August 5, 2014 by Elvenar

    A collection of some videos about the games played by the GIO.


    The first video is of a vanilia minecraft server while the second is of a modded server which introduces things like planes, guns, and magic.



    Both videos show a bit of the character creation in Archeage followed by some gameplay of the Alpha versions. Note: The gameplay change before the public release, which is scheduled near the end of 2014.

    Lord of the RIngs Online: 

    The first video is of the character creation and a bit of the beggining gameplay while the next two show a few of the more endgame fights.

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  • Sam Darkwalker

    Full Name: Cesar

    • Age: 14
    • Location: Houston
    • Wikia: TheNextMaster
    • Skype: N/A (Im excused from it)
    • Email: (not telling :D)
    • Other: Steam: TheEpixGamer
    • Games: GIO games related: LOTRO: (soon, maybe a Month from now) SWTOR: (Unlikely)
    •  Character Names: ( Look above.)

    When I get it I plan to be a Man (Rohan) Warden

    I've been roleplaying for about 4 years I believe, I've roleplayed from the middle of POTCO, To the end of it, Then soon after I had been on MC Nations roleplaying there, I had started my roleplaying when I had been asked to be on a Wiki by Tyler Crossbones (Joseph) I had began to take a interest in it, and here I am.

    I had been playing the PS2 when I was around 4, I had taken an interest in it, and I wondered what else I could play games on, And…

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  • Raven Potter

     *Full Name: Tayler

    • Age: 13
    • Location: New York
    • Wikia User: Yes/Raven Potter
    • Skype: raven.musicrock
    • Email:
    • Other (Optional): My oovoo is nadie.berryl. My steam is Raven (Elena) Lily Potter
    • Games: The GIO games I play are Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    • Character Name(s): LotRO- Ravenv

                                           SW:TOR- Ravenberryl

    On SWTOR I'm a Sith Inquisitor. On LotRO, I'm an elven guardian.

    I've been role playing for 6 years. I first started with Pirates of the Caribbean Online role play and after that I'd do Harry Potter role play as well as different crossovers, not all of which I can remember.

    I've been gaming on PS2 and PC for as long as I remember. I've been gaming on the PC since…

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  • King Ryan The Legend

    Application Questions:

    Full Name: Ryan Alexander Lafleur

    Age: 19

    Location: Orlando, Florida

    Wikia User: King Ryan The Legend

    Skype: ryanlafleur1


    Phone Number: 407-765-8576

    Other (Optional):

    Games: SWTOR

    Character Name(s): Markovain

    What classes are you playing? Sith Warrior

    What classes do you usually play? Sith Warrior

    What is your roleplay experience?: Well my experience so far now is very adventurous and I wouldn't usually help in events when I first started but now I do it because it brings out what the Rp is.

    What is your PC gaming experience? Well my overall experience now is very active because I started other Rps and helped others on things but my experience in PC Gaming is great.

    How did you hear about GIO Gaming? W…

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  • Elvenar

    LOTRO Housing Research

    July 19, 2014 by Elvenar
    • Neighborhoods: There are four different areas from which neighborhoods exist in. One housing area for each lore wise home of the playable races (example: The Shire for Hobbits, Bree for Men). They include Bree, The Shire, Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, and the epic Elves of Ered Luin. There are neighborhoods with 30 houses in total. The neighborhood consists of 16 standard houses, 10 deluxe houses, and 4 kinship houses.

    • Note: You cannot create a neighborhood at will but you can choose to live in whichever has space. Meaning if a kinship wishes to have all its members in one neighborhood they would have to choose a relatively empty one. There are gathering areas in each neighborhood which consists of a stage and rows of chairs. In the Shire a…

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  • King Yellowfish I

    Recently, on the Minecraft Nations Wiki, Morocco and Poland - Lithuania have declared war on us. We need all GIO members to aid, watch for updates for the Minecraft servers and news.

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  • King Yellowfish I

    POR will be almost the same exact game as potco, but slightly better.

    • Custom Guild Ranks
    • Everything is Free
    • Smaller Community
    • More organized RP

    • There is a 60% chance of it succeding
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  • HyperSlicer4

    So Guns of Icarus is alot of fun, with its cloud coverd landskape and its steampunk like world. The bigest thing this humble warrior can ask is WHAT THE HECK HAPPEND!!!??!?! It seems strange that the whole world is destoryed and yet the people that live can still find ways to travel by air. My guess is that because of the barren landskape and the radioactive (probably) world, maybe the sky is the safest place. Of couse in Falia the planet that I live on we dont have nukeular missials or anything like that. We have elemental powers, mine is fire. As both my parents were fire users. So I cant really comprehend quite what they can do, maybe some of my friends would be able to figure it out. These air ships are wicked cool though, I cant belea…

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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Military Structure

    January 24, 2014 by Kwagar Ocata

    • Marshal, Battalion Leader -
    • Commander, Battalion Second in Command -

    • Captain, Company Leader -
    • Lieutenant, Company Second in Command -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad Member -
    • Private Squad Member -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad Member -
    • Private Squad Member -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad Member -
    • Private Squad Member -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad Member -
    • Private Squad Member -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad Member -
    • Private Squad Member -

    • Captain, Company Leader -

    • Sergeant, Squad Leader -
    • Corporal, Squad Second in Command -
    • Private, Squad…

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  • Aqueron Ocata

    As The Grand Empire obtains more members, we begin to realize our goals for the immediate future to further ensure the guild's success.  Among many of these include the addition of a military, government structure, an increase in the assignments of political/military leaders, and ideas for our roleplay to gain gain popularity among our members (PVE and PVP as well).  I've created this blog so we can get some ideas for every aspect of the game that I listed above.  Anyone on the Wiki can feel free to share your input in the comment section below.

    • Government
      • Imperial Law
      • Government Structure
      • Possible Leader(s)
    • Military
      • Guild
      • Possible Leader(s)
      • Structure/Ranks
    • Guild Activity
      • Promotions
      • RP Events
      • PVP Events
      • PVE Events
    Read more >
  • Kwagar Ocata

    Skill Calculator

    October 15, 2013 by Kwagar Ocata

    Skill Calculator - Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Database

    (function(d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.src = "//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); |<a href="#feedback" id="toplinks-feedback" class="text-icon email-icon">Feedback</a>

    Lightbox.add('feedback', {

    width: 530, height: 430,
    body: '', ok: Feedback.submit

    }, null, Feedback.load);

    • <a>Database</a>
    • <a href="/abilities/class/4/level/1-50" class="icon">Imperial Agent</a>
    • <a href="/abilities/class/2/level/1-50" class="icon">Sith Inquisitor</a>
    • <a href="/abilities/class/1/level/1-50" class="icon">Sit…

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  • The 7th Master

    Testing Blog

    February 4, 2013 by The 7th Master

    Random stuff will go here for testing.

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  • King Yellowfish I

    Prime minister

    December 4, 2012 by King Yellowfish I

    If I win the Election, greatness  will come to the empire. I gurantee that the guild will be maxxed in under 4 months and we will be in a golden age. Vote David Yellowfish my mates.

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  • Kwagar Ocata

    TOR Guild

    November 8, 2012 by Kwagar Ocata

    • Names
      • The Grand Empire
      • The Demon Empre
      • The Crimson Wings
    • Leader - Kwagar
    • Faction - Sith

    The Ranks of the Guild.

    • Guildmaster, Dark Lord of the Sith

    • Darth

    • Lord
    • Apprentice
    • Acolyte

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  • Kwagar Ocata

    Imperial Senate Poll

    October 18, 2012 by Kwagar Ocata

    Hello there.

    I am writing this blog to find out if the Empire should have a Imperial Senate for its Territories in each game its in.

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