Introduction Edit

Bismark Frederick Gottwald is the sworn protector and rightful successor of Morderis Ocata. Pledging his allegiance to him and the Grand Imperial Order, Bismark is the Knight of One to Morderis' Resolute Guard. Appointed in leading his first Grand Army, and speaking on Morderis' behalf whenever necessary, Bismark is a crucial member of the Order. Like the Ocata's, Bismark is able to exist in multiple realms, and follow his masters wherever he is needed.

Background Edit

Graduating at the University of Copenhagen with degrees in Philosophy, Logic and Rhetoric, and History, as well as minors in Latin, and Greek in 1734, Bismark is a scholarly type man, often using his cunning and way with words to sway his friends and enemies. In his early childhood, his father, Lucius Gottwald taught Bismark piano and violin, as well as how to read and write in Norse, Swedish, and English. Coming from a distinguished family of wealth and fame in Norway, Bismark had an easy life and upbringing. Joining the Military of Denmark-Norway at age 24 in 1736, Bismark would excel at the Miltary Academy of Olso, being top of his class, mastering his Infantry, Artillery, and Calvary courses.

Traits Edit

Bismark is a large, but soft spoken man. Usually keeping to himself unless spoken to, he often seems in his own world of thought. He fancies things of the classical sort, often going to the local amphitheaters to watch Shakespearean plays and listen to the local Orchestras. Having met many famous composers, and even being close friends to Johann Sebastian Bach (until his recent death), Bismark is somewhat known in the world of music. Having the pleasure to perform with Michel Blavet's orchestra in France, he also has some firsthand musical experience. Aside from Bismark's classical interest, he has also written his own novel, "Northern Blood", describing the struggles of growing up during the Great Northern War-- the battle between the alliance of Peter I of Russia, Fredrick IV of Denmark-Norway, and Augustus II the Strong of Saxony-Poland, against Charles XII and the Swedish Empire.