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ArcheAge and the Grand Imperial OrderEdit

Races and FactionsEdit


Below is the all information about the classes 

Skill SetsEdit

The class system in ArcheAge can surprise even veteran MMO players. There are 10 skill sets available in game. The options allow for the creation of 120 classes. As you develop your character, you may choose any three of the specializations for use at one time. For example, you can teach your warrior character to control the elements and use magical attacks.

Starting at level 10, players may change their selected specialization- for a fee. The fee is determined by the amount of skill points spent in the Skill Tree. Note that replacing one specialization with another Auramancy not automatically unlock all skills. Combat Level and Skills/Skill Trees level separately.

But don't worry too much. ArcheAge allows you to switch back to previously leveled specializations without loss of progress. Meaning, you can develop all 10 specializations on a single character.


This specialization includes powerful blows, inflicting devastating damage, as well as methods of buffing the warrior and weaken his enemies. Patron of soldiers considered Kyrios, the god of death and destruction.


By choosing this path, the hero will have access to devastating spells elements that cause damage to one or more enemies. Wizards considered their patron Aranzeb.


This path of development will make the hero a skilled archer and ranger. Rangers considered their patron Tayang Kaldzhit.


This path of development will make the hero a skilled healer that can save lives and themselves and associates. Patroness of these soldiers is considered Kiproza ​​Deyer, keeper of the gates of the world.


If the hero chooses this path, he will be subject to all the mysteries of the underworld. Patroness of such charmers is considered goddess Nui.


Those who choose the path of secrecy will be sudden and clever killers in possession of an arsenal of clever tricks. Patroness of murderers considered Melisara Rivolla.


A warrior who choses this path of development, will become a master of Defense techniques. Patron of these brave warriors is Shatagon, the god of abundance.


A hero who has chosen this path, will move instantly on the battlefield using Teleportation, while remaining virtually invulnerable to magical attacking enemies. Patron of soldiers considered Hase, god gates and seals.


Skills of the school directly affect the mind of allies and enemies. This school considers Daut, the goddess of the seas and change, their patroness.


This specialization encourages fighters with the sounds of a lute or a lyre. Lucius is considered the patron of the bards.

Class NamesEdit

Skillset 1 Skillset 2 Skillset 3 Class Name
Battlerage Witchcraft Defense Hexblade
Battlerage Witchcraft Auramancy Hex Warden
Battlerage Witchcraft Occultism Hordebreaker
Battlerage Witchcraft Archery Dreadhunter
Battlerage Witchcraft Sorcery Harbinger
Battlerage Witchcraft Shadowplay Shadowblade
Battlerage Witchcraft Songcraft Dirgeweaver
Battlerage Witchcraft Vitalism


Battlerage Defense Auramancy Abolisher
Battlerage Defense Occultism Doomlord
Battlerage Defense Archery Liberator
Battlerage Defense Sorcery Crusader
Batterage Defense Shadowplay Blighter
Battlerage Defense Songcraft Dawncaller
Battlerage Defense Vitalism Paladin
Battlerage Auramancy Occultism Bloodreaver
Battlerage Auramancy Archery Bonestalker
Battlerage Auramancy Sorcery Enforcer
Battlerage Auramancy Shadowplay Darkrunner
Battlerage Auramancy Songcraft Herald
Battlerage Auramancy Vitalism Argent
Battlerage Occultism Archery Dreadbow
Battlerage Occultism Sorcery Ravager
Battlerage Occultism Shadowplay Executioner
Battlerage Occultism Songcraft Lorebreaker
Battlerage Occultism Vitalism Blackguard
Battlerage Archery Sorcery Fiendhunter
Battlerage Archery Shadowplay Outrider
Battlerage Archery Songcraft Bloodskald
Battlerage Archery Vitalism Warpriest
Battlerage Sorcery Shadowplay Hellweaver
Battlerage Sorcery Songcraft Spellsword
Battlerage Sorcery Vitalism Fleshshaper
Battlerage Shadowplay Songcraft Blade Dancer
Battlerage Shadowplay Vitalism Inquisitor
Battlerage Songcraft Vitalism Bloodthrall
Witchcraft Defense Auramancy Dreambreaker
Witchcraft Defense Occultism Defiler
Witchcraft Defense Archery Archon
Witchcraft Defense Sorcery Cabalist
Witchcraft Defense Shadowplay Shadowknight
Witchcraft Defense Songcraft Poxbane
Witchcraft Defense Vitalism Shadowbane
Witchcraft Auramancy Occultism Nightcloak
Witchcraft Auramancy Archery Arcane Hunter
Witchcraft Auramancy Sorcery Arcanist
Witchcraft Auramancy Shadowplay Eidolon
Witchcraft Auramancy Songcraft Enchantrix
Witchcraft Auramancy Vitalism Hierophant
Witchcraft Occultism Archery Shadestriker
Witchcraft Occultism Sorcery Demonologist
Witchcraft Occultism Shadowplay Shroudmaster
Witchcraft Occultism Songcraft Tombcaller
Witchcraft Occultism Vitalism Necromancer
Witchcraft Archery Sorcery Stormcaster
Witchcraft Archery Shadowplay Trickster
Witchcraft Archery Songcraft Hex Ranger
Witchcraft Archery Vitalism Soulbow
Witchcraft Sorcery Shadowplay Daggerspell
Witchcraft Sorcery Songcraft Lamentor
Witchcraft Sorcery Vitalism Shaman
Witchcraft Shadowplay Songcraft Nightwitch
Witchcraft Shadowplay Vitalism Assassin
Witchcraft Songcraft Vitalism Athame
Defense Auramancy Occultism Skullknight
Defense Auramancy Archery Bastion
Defense Auramancy


Defense Auramancy Shadowplay Nightblade
Defense Auramancy Songcraft Tomb Warden
Defense Auramancy Vitalism Templar
Defense Occultism Archery Dreadstone
Defense Occultism Sorcery Battlemage
Defense Occultism Shadowplay Dreadnaught
Defense Occultism Songcraft Dark Aegis
Defense Occultism Vitalism Justicar
Defense Archery Sorcery Farslayer
Defense Archery Shadowplay Stone Arrow
Defense Archery Songcraft Honorguard
Defense Archery Vitalism Druid
Defense Sorcery Shadowplay Swiftstone
Defense Sorcery Songcraft Earthsinger


Vitalism Scion
Defense Shadowplay Songcraft Nightbearer
Defense Shadowplay Vitalism Death Warden
Defense Songcraft Vitalism Caretaker
Auramancy Occultism Archery Astral Ranger
Auramancy Occultism Sorcery Revenant
Auramancy Occultism Shadowplay Planeshifter
Auramancy Occultism Songcraft Phantasm
Auramancy Occultism Vitalism Edgewalker
Auramancy Archery Sorcery Stormchaser
Auramancy Archery Shadowplay Primeval
Auramancy Archery Songcraft Howler
Auramancy Archery Vitalism Oracle
Auramancy Sorcery Shadowplay Enigmatist
Auramancy Sorcery Songcraft Spellsong
Auramancy Sorcery Vitalism Boneweaver
Auramancy Shadowplay Songcraft Exorcist
Auramancy Shadowplay Vitalism Soothsayer
Auramancy Songcraft Vitalism Cleric
Occultism Archery Sorcery Spellbow
Occultism Archery Shadowplay Shadehunter
Occultism Archery Songcraft Gravesinger
Occultism Archery Vitalism Blood Arrow
Occultism Sorcery Shadowplay Reaper
Occultism Sorcery Songcraft Requiem
Occultism Sorcery Vitalism Cultist
Occultism Shadowplay Songcraft Nocturne
Occultism Shadowplay Vitalism Doombringer
Occultism Songcraft Vitalism Sorrowsong
Archery Sorcery Shadowplay Infiltrator
Archery Sorcery Songcraft Evoker
Archery Sorcery Vitalism Naturalist
Archery Shadowplay Songcraft Ebonsong
Archery Shadowplay Vitalism Ranger
Archery Songcraft Vitalism Soulsong
Sorcery Shadowplay Songcraft Spellsinger
Sorcery Shadowplay Vitalism Animist
Sorcery Songcraft Vitalism Gypsy
Shadowplay Songcraft Vitalism Confessor



Base StatsEdit

  • Physical Attack -
  • Magic Attack -
  • Protection -
  • Weakening -
  • Strengthening -

Main AttributesEdit

ArcheAge features 5 main combat attributes.

  • Strength: Increases melee attack +0.2 per point, parry rate, melee accuracy, and melee/ranged block rate.
  • Intelligence: Increases magic attack +0.2 per point, max mana, magic accuracy, magic/ranged evasion, and magic/ranged critical rates.
  • Agility: Increases ranged attack +0.2 per point, ranged accuracy, melee/ranged evasion, melee/ranged critical rates.
  • Spirit: Increases healing power +0.2 per point, magic defense +1 per point, health/mana regen (off combat), and all accuracy.
  • Stamina: Increases max health + 12 per point, and parry.

These stats can be stacked by the player through gear (although leveling up also increase it slightly depending on skillsets equipped.

Detailed Offensive StatsEdit

There are several detailed offensive stats that are determined by the main attributes. Focus was add in patch 1.2.

  • Focus: This stat decreases the rate at which the target's Parry, Evade, and Block cancel out your attacks.
  • Melee Attack Speed: The speed at which the character auto attacks.
  • Melee Accuracy: Your chance to hit a target with a melee attack.
  • Melee Critical Rate: Your chance to critically hit a target with a melee attack.
  • Melee Critical Damage: Determines the amount of bonus damage dealt by a critical melee hit.
  • Melee Bonus Damage
  • Ranged Accuracy: Your chance to hit a target with a ranged attack.
  • Ranged Critical Rate: Your chance to critically hit a target with a ranged attack.
  • Ranged Critical Damage: Determines the amount of bonus damage dealt by a critical ranged hit.
  • Ranged Bonus Damage
  • Magic Accuracy: Your chance to hit a target with a ranged attack.
  • Magic Critical Rate: Your chance to critically hit a target with a magic attack.
  • Magic Critical Damage: Determines the amount of bonus damage dealt by a critical magic hit.
  • Magic Bonus Damage

Detailed Defensive StatsEdit

There are also several defensive detailed stats that are determined by the main attributes. Resilience and Toughness was add in patch 1.2

  • Resilience: This stat decreases your attacker's critical hit rate against you, as well as the additional critical bonus damage you take.
  • Toughness: Decreases damage taken during PvP.
  • Parry Rate: Your chance to deflect attacks.
  • Melee Block: Your chance to block melee attacks.
  • Ranged Block: Your chance to block ranged attacks.
  • Melee Dodge: Your chance to evade melee attacks.
  • Ranged Dodge: Your chance to evade ranged attacks.
  • Melee Damage Resistance: Reduces damage taken from melee attacks.
  • Ranged Damage Resistance: Reduces damage taken from ranged attacks.
  • Magic Damage Resistance: Reduces damage taken from magic attacks.

Detailed Regeneration StatsEdit

  • Health Points Regeneration(Out of Combat)
  • Health Points Regeneration(In Combat)
  • Mana Points Regeneration(Out of Combat)
  • Mana Points Regeneration(In Combat)





The WorldEdit



When you enter ArcheAge your main means of getting around is simply on foot.
The base run speed is 5.4 m/s.
Players gain a Sprint skill at level three(3) that increases run speed to 8 m/s but drains mana while activated.


Mounts provide a faster method of ground-based personal travel. They include Lions, Deer, Horses, and more.
See Mounts for a detailed list.


A carriage is a land based mode of transportation that allows players to move efficiently from town to town.


A monorail is a means of faster travel within large cities such as Marianople


A ship is used to travel the seas


A mode of flying transportation that is similar to a dirigible or blimp (see video below).


Gliders are a mode of personal transportation.







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