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Antilles Squadron was founded in 1720 by John Collingwood, Admiral of the Royal Navy. It was originally based and operated out of Bridgetown, Antilles. 

It was famous for it's 'lighting detachment' of swift frigates, lead by Captain Sir Richard Venables aboard the 44 gun frigate HMS Retribution.

Vice-Admiral Venables took command of the squadron when Admiral Collingwood disappeared in 1748.

It maintained it's duties as a peacekeeping fleet until 1749 when in March of that year the French began a campaign against the Antilles and Leeward Isles, sweeping through and claiming many, including Bridgetown. 

With their main base captured, after a noble defence. The remains of Antilles Squadron was reassigned to Port Royal in Jamaica, where it continued to bring the fight to the French, despite dwindling numbers and officer redeployments, raiding and harassing French shipments and convoys until in August of 1749 it was disbanded by an act of parliament and it's remaining captains put of half pay, with Sir Richard falling out of favour and being demoted. 

Later when John Collingwood reappeared and Sir Richard had become a politician and officer in the Danish Government, Antilles Squadron was refounded, this time in the service of the Danish Royal Navy under the command of Lieutenant General Collingwood serving as "Admiral" and the support of Sir Richard as Vice-Admiral of the Fleet.

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