"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a soul for a soul, burn away to nothing." ~ Aliyo Scarlett


Aliyo Scarlett "The Crimson General" (Here, "Crimson" praised him for the fact that "he was bathed in blood and fought to the last" rather than being a derogatory "bloodthirsty" label. "General" for the his skill as a military commander.) is a trained politician, assassin, and military commander.

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Personality Edit

Aliyo is generally a cold person. Many would describe him as uncaring towards others but this is untrue. He is loyal and cares for his lord. During the time of the Imperium his lord was Riza Ocata, but his allegiances shifted at the beginning of the Imperium Civil War when he swore to serve Kwagar Ocata, Riza's third son he became first of the Forsworn.